About the Hoosier Auto Show & Swap Meet...

The Hoosier Auto Show Swap Meet was incorporated in January 1968, under the laws of the State of Indiana as a not-for-profit entity. The organization is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and public display of historic motor vehicles, particularly those manufactured in Indiana. Another purpose of the corporation is to educate the public on the historical significance of the role that Indiana has played in the automobile industry.

The start of the Hoosier Auto Show & Swap Meet can be credited to several people with an interest in the "old-cars" hobby. They include Paul Griner, Frank Litherland, James Silvey, Anthony (Tony) Miles, C. McCord Purdy, Jerry W. Jones, William O. Burnes and William A. Dyer. Jr. Prior to 1967, many of the founding members had been active in promoting small, local antique car shows and swap meets. The founders decided to approach Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner, Anton (Tony) Hulman, for his permission to use the facility for an annual car show and swap meet. He and the track superintendent, Clarence Cagle, approved.

Four local auto clubs gave $100 each in support: the Indianapolis Model A Ford Club; Classic Car Club of America, Indiana Region; the Hoosier Model T Club; and the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. The groups were repaid after the initial meet. The first event in September 1967 was small in participation. However, the annual September show and swap meet, has grown to become one of the premier events of its kind in the country. Currently, the Spring and Fall events are held the third weekends of May and September at the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis.

Another event sponsored by the group is the indoor automotive literature and small collectibles show held every January at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Speedway, Indiana to continue public interest in the hobby during the winter. This event has been ongoing since January 1968. The board members want to thank all the volunteers and the hobbyists who participate in these events.

We Thank You for 48 Great Years!

To all of our friends and participants from over the years at the Hoosier Auto Show and Swap Meet:

We regretfully inform you that we must close operations effective at the end of 2014. These circumstances exist because of a steady change in the direction of our hobby.

Attendance at the Hoosier Auto Show activities has dwindled to the point that it is no longer financially possible to continue holding our events.

One of our enduring goals, accomplished outside of the car show and swap meet venue, is the publication of a definitive history of Indiana built automobiles. A hardback copy of this book, "Indiana Cars", was donated to every Junior and Senior High School and University in the State of Indiana. Additionally, the paperback second edition of this book will remain in publication and be available on Amazon and at several locations in the state.

The board of the Hoosier Auto Show & Swap Meet sincerely thanks all of you who have helped make a great venture continue for forty eight years. We hope to see you all down the road.